Another Local Music Venue closes

2017 has not been a kind year to local music in Montgomery. In Early march Head on the door, a venue that catered to Punk rockers and metalheads of all ages closes its doors and now another venue will shut down.

Against the Grain is more than another music venue, during the day it’s a T-shirt shop and Art Gallery, but comes Friday night, the place thrives on the sound of rock and roll.
In an interview with the Montgomery Advertiser, owner Britt Powell says the closing is the result of an ongoing dispute between the venue and a property owner over alcohol.

When the Powell’s opened their venue in June, they were told their lease agreement says no alcohol will be sold on premises, so the venue opened as a Bring your own style venue, but that wasn’t quite what the property owner intended. in early September, the venue received notice that it was being evicted at the end of the month.

Things took a turn for the worse on September 19th, when an article in the Montgomery advertiser caused the property owner to give the venue till the end of the day on the 20th, leaving the Powell brothers to scramble at the last second to remove everything, with help from friends and patrons, from the venue.

The Powell’s have set up a go fund me account to help move the art and music venue to a new spot, you can find it at

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