The Fight that Humbled a nation.

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 will go down as the night 2 of the nation’s top sports came together in a clash of champions. Conor McGregor, representing the Mix Martial Arts style from the UFC versus Floyd Weather, one of Boxing’s undefeated champions.

For months, the 2 athletes seemed to beat each other’s throats, various press conferences leading up to the match had the 2 champions trading one-liners back forth in a style that reminds me of something you would see leading up to a big WWE wrestling match. Not since Tyson vs Holyfield have I seen such anticipation for a boxing match, it was hard to choose who was the favorite and who was the underdog, the betting pools seemed to be a close tie between both men.

For the first few rounds, McGregor seemed to have an early advantage over Mayweather, hitting quick jabs and solid uppercuts round after round, but it was clear by the 5th round that this was part of Mayweather’s plan all along, round 8 came and Mayweather proved that he had more energy and was better at conserving his shots than Mcgregor, with the last blow coming in the 9th round with under a minute to go, the ref calls for the bell, signaling that Mayweather has won by Technical Knockout.

America was stunned, not because anyone thought Mayweather would lose, but rather, that McGregor lasted 9 rounds. Mayweather, a 22 year seasoned vet of the Boxing world, spent 9 rounds with an amateur boxer. This was a fight that Vegas betting odds said wouldn’t go past 4 rounds.

The Anger, trash talk and build up to this event, turned into respect and admiration from both The UFC and Boxing worlds. To witness these 2 guys go 9 rounds, then hold each other’s hands high and spend the post-fight interview circuit showing respect for one another, is truly amazing. I was truly humbled by the outpouring of love and respect from Floyd Mayweather, and to have Conor McGregor return that respect for both boxing and Mayweather, is incredible and will be something I can remember for a long time.

Digital Media Producer / Owner – The Pulse

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Digital Media Producer / Owner – The Pulse