Mayor Strange: fiction over facts

The Month of October has started with a controversial bang for Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange. within the first week, a 92 yr old woman was killed in her south court street home during a robbery. Several days later, another violent shootout at a gas station goes viral across social media.

The October 8th shooting sparked an outcry from citizens citywide for the police to step up and do more to handle crime.

Mayor Todd Strange stood before members of the media during a weekly address and lied about crime being down after his own chief of police said that violent crime was up 17% from the previous year.

Montgomery District Attorney Daryl Bailey.

In an Interview with local CBS Affiliate WAKA, Darryl Bailey Said:

Right now, our city is under siege. We are under siege now with this violent crime. We have had too many shootings. Too many homicides. And our public is scared. We need more police officers on the street. We need more detectives working these cases. Right now, is not the time to be doing law enforcement on the cheap. We need the state legislators, the city, the county, everybody fully supporting law enforcement so we can take our city back”

During his weekly Media conference, Mayor Strange went on to dispute the report from MPD that says Violent crime is up by saying “The perception is that it’s up, the reality is it’s not”, which shocked and angered many people. The mayor went on to say that over 99% of crime that occurs is because of mental health, drugs, and alcohol.

When questioned about the rise in homicides, Mayor Strange said

“if you are minding your own business and you are not involved in a life style that’s on the edges , or in criminality you’re going to be perfectly fine 99.9% of the time”.

This is a statement that has created a huge firestorm from all walks of life across the city. many people are angered at the ignorant, carelessness and disrespect the mayor shows the people of Montgomery.

There is speculation that his comments, along with the non-existence of any journalist reporting by the local newspaper, The Montgomery Advertiser, is tied to Mayor Strange trying to sweep everything wrong with the city under a rug, until after he has won the bid to bring the new F-35’s to Montgomery. An Announcement that should be made sometime before the end of 2017.

Since the city has announced it was in the running, outside of reporting on college football games and what the governor has done, there seemed to be a total lack of any real journalism by the Montgomery Advertiser, and it’s only a coincidence that they stay quiet on major stories that are bound to hurt Mayor Strange’s Image, but will post sugary sweet fluff pieces that paint him in a positive light.

Something has to be done about the crime.

Digital Media Producer / Owner – The Pulse

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Digital Media Producer / Owner – The Pulse