New Petition Urges The Alabama Crimson Tide to Skip Whitehouse if it wins the national championship

Left wing liberal petition website, Credo Action, calls for the University of Alabama’s Football program to turn down an invite to the Whitehouse from President Donald Trump If the team wins the 2017 National Championship.

This comes after the controversial statement made by the president of NFL players who refuse to stand and salute the flag during the national anthem.

A quote from the Petition:

“Take a stand against Donald Trump’s racism Disavow his hateful critique of NFL protesters who are speaking out against systemic racism and police brutality. Affirm your players’ right to protest and pledge not to take your team to the White House if you win the national championship.”

As of the time this article was written, Credo’s petition had already had over 900 signatures. It is unclear at this time whether The University of Alabama will respond to this petition.

Digital Media Producer / Owner – The Pulse

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Digital Media Producer / Owner – The Pulse