Sponsor Info

Sponsorship with JThe Pulse is an effective way to reach listeners online.

The Pulse is portable: It reaches people at home, in the car, and at work.
Everyone Listens: Radio reaches 95% of all consumers every week.
Influences Shoppers: Radio reaches 63% of 25-54-year-old consumers within one hour of making their largest purchase of the day.
People Listen A Lot: The average American spends almost 21 hours a week listening to the radio.

Why Sponsorship with The Pulse?

– Fewer Commercials: Sponsors get the attention they deserve and more results. We limit the number of commercials we air in each break and each hour.
Less on-air clutter helps you stand out and get noticed. It also keeps our listeners tuned in longer so they hear your message more often.

– Our Sponsorship packages include Both an on-air and online presence. You can also choose to be either on-air sponsor for our shows (John and Heidi, Chris Allen, Jason Knight, John Lebang, and The Lunchtime Rewind) or you can just be a website sponsor with your logo visible on our page.