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Xbox E3 Press Conference

It’s time once again for the video game industry’s annual showcase of new hardware and software,
The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 for short.
E3 is to Video Games what the Superbowl is to football, a showcase of new and exciting advances in hardware, new games and more.

Since last year, the biggest announcement was something from Xbox called project Scorpio,
little was know about it except that it would be a game changer (pun intended),
as the world’s most powerful console. Today, that console was Revealed, as The Xbox One X.

It turned out that Project Scorpio was the codename for the new CPU engine that will power the Xbox One X, and deliver graphics in true 4K HD resolution, but as Xbox chief Phil Spencer said, you don’t need to rush out to get a 4K tv just to enjoy the One X, as it will work fine with current gen 1080P resolution TVs, which brought a massive amount of applause from the audience.

After Digesting the press conference and seeing the new hardware and games coming over the next year, I would like to take a moment to highlight some of my favorites and what i’m most excited for, starting with EA, who has made some of the most iconic sports franchises for years.
First up from EA, is the Newest entry into the Need for speed series. Many critics are quick to compare the multiple need for speed games over the years with the fast and furious movie franchise, I understand the resemblance, but think both takes cues from one another, especially with the theme in their new game, Need for speed: Payback.

As Expected, a majority of Xbox games shown during the press conference are exclusives, yet there are so many great games that it’s truly hard to pick only one favorite from the bunch. For a long time, i was a Playstation gamer, but with Sony focusing on Virtual Reality in the last few years, the games at their press conferences seemed to take a backseat to their VR tech. Microsoft is all about gaming and their press conferences show it.

Since 2015, an independent developer came to E3 with a game that looks so much like an old cartoon from the 30’s or 40’s called Cuphead. this year, we finally get a release date of september 29th, i can not wait til then to play this game, check out the cool trailer for it below!

The biggest news and probably the most overdue announcement came near the end when it was revealed that backwards compatibility will now include original Xbox Titles, including fan favorite Crimson Skies!!

Overall I’m very impressed with what Microsoft has brought to the table and look forward to playing many of the top games shown at E3. From Crackdown 3 to Forza 7 , The Xbox One X will be a beast of a gaming machine and one system not to be taken lightly.

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